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Oh hi! There are two ways to book us for your move:

  • Use the telephone to call or text us at 604-240-4331
  • Use the computer and complete the form you see on your screen or send us an email at

If we don't speak over the telephone, a representative will reply to you as soon as possible. Though please allow up to 24 hrs for a response.


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208-1901 Barclay St
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Local Vancouver, BC moving company providing ridiculously good customer service at affordable rates. Apartment - House - Office - Furniture Delivery - Emotional and Moral Moving Support

Moving Tips

While we're paid by the hour, our goal is still to get you and your worldly possessions from point A to point B as quickly and painlessly as possible. The following helpful moving tips are meant to guide you in preparing for your move. 


  • Keep large flat items unboxed - large picture frames, mirrors, paintings, glass table tops, etc. They don't typically fit well in boxes and we have systems in place to keep them safe


  • Have you considered renting boxes? We've partnered with BungoBox Vancouver, and any materials rented through Guys & Dollies is subject to a 10% discount!!
  • Otherwise, Liquor stores are an excellent resource for boxes - stroll down to your nearest liquor store or cold beer and wine and ask the clerk if they have any extra wine/liquor boxes they'd be willing to part with
  • Before filling any boxes, be sure the bottom is secure - a strip of packing tape along the seam will get the job done


  • Pack clothes in your luggage if you don't have a wardrobe box. Anything that doesn't fit, don't fret - we have an ancient moving trick called The Taco that will ensure your wardrobe arrives in fine shape


  • Don't forget about your storage unit! If you have anything down in storage let us know when we get there so we can have a look and incorporate that into our Tetris plan


  • Boxes used to transport your possessions can be used as a makeshift table once the move is done, because you're going to be hungry and your actual table may well be buried in a corner!