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Oh hi! There are two ways to book us for your move:

  • Use the telephone to call or text us at 604-240-4331
  • Use the computer and complete the form you see on your screen or send us an email at

If we don't speak over the telephone, a representative will reply to you as soon as possible. Though please allow up to 24 hrs for a response.


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Ideal day to move
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208-1901 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6G 1L1


Local Vancouver, BC moving company providing ridiculously good customer service at affordable rates. Apartment - House - Office - Furniture Delivery - Emotional and Moral Moving Support



  • Do you supply boxes?

    • We do not, but plastic box rentals, particularly BungoBox, are an excellent option. Visit their website!

    • Otherwise, liquor stores are a great place to start when looking for boxes. Just ask the clerk if they have any extra boxes in the back and watch their eyes light up!

  • Do you provide packing services?

    • We do not provide packing services.

  • Should we leave beds assembled? What about tables? And dressers?

    • That's entirely up to you! We are more than happy to disassemble beds and any other furniture that needs it, as well as reassemble the same once we finish.

  • Do we have to empty our dressers?

    • Dressers should be emptied, but it's not the end of the world if they are not. The danger in leaving items in the dresser is that the added weight can affect the integrity of the dresser as it is moved.

  • Is there anything we need from our building manager prior to moving?

    • We recommend you consult with your building manager prior to moving to book the elevator for your move. They will place protective pads in the elevator as well as lock it off so that we may more efficiently move your possessions to and from the truck.

  • Are you insured?

    • We sure are! Up to $1 million in damages.

During the Move

  • What should we do?

    • Put up your feet and make a margarita...unless you packed your margarita machine already...

  • Can we help?

    • So you did pack your margarita machine. You can absolutely help if you're so inclined, but we will be at least a little sad that we'll have less stuff to move.

  • How did you guys get that couch through there?

    • We blacked out, what happened?


  • How can we pay?

    • We accept Visa/Mastercard, cash and cheque.

  • What happens if something is damaged?

    • Bring it to our attention within two weeks of the move and we will re-imburse you for the item!

  • Do you guys want a drink?

    • No comment.