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Oh hi! There are two ways to book us for your move:

  • Use the telephone to call or text us at 604-240-4331
  • Use the computer and complete the form you see on your screen or send us an email at

If we don't speak over the telephone, a representative will reply to you as soon as possible. Though please allow up to 24 hrs for a response.


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Ideal day to move
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208-1901 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6G 1L1


Local Vancouver, BC moving company providing ridiculously good customer service at affordable rates. Apartment - House - Office - Furniture Delivery - Emotional and Moral Moving Support


Moving day! The very phrase sends shudders of dread down so many spines. Not us, though! We genuinely enjoy the opportunity to help you move your stuff from your old place to your new place. 

$115/hour (for a two hour minimum move) gets you:

  • Two stout men and a Tetris Box*
  • Ridiculously good customer service
  • Complete furniture disassembly and reassembly if required
  • Utmost care in moving your valuables, wrapping items where necessary and always erring on the side of caution
  • Banter (quality to be determined)

*Moving lingo for truck

With over a decade of combined moving experience, we make any move look lightweight. 

Unlike our competitors, we don't charge additional fees within the city and we know how to use the word 'dissemble' properly. We:

  • Charge one hourly rate, from the first of the month through to the last of the month
  • No additional fees if stairs are involved - we need the glute workout anyway
  • No additional fees for use of moving blankets
  • No travel-time fee within the Vancouver city limits (though we do charge one for moves that begin or end outside of the Vancouver city limits)
  • We disassemble furniture and never dissemble about the job

I mean, this is a new chapter in your life! It's is an exciting time for you! Whether you're moving on up, downsizing due to the realization you're a few Canucks bobbleheads short of being a legitimate hoarder, moving in together, or you broke up so you're going to Thailand to find yourself, you can trust The Guys to see you through this transition.